Happy New Year 2013

Image: Sukanto Debnath | Flickr

Happy New Year! Now that 2012 has come to a close, we can look ahead to all of the exciting milestones planned for Sensing Architecture in 2013. As you may imagine, there is a lot going on with Sensing Architecture — thus, below are some of the highlights you can expect to enjoy during this 2013 new year.

2013 Goals for Sensing Architecture

  • 1) More Content In More Places: Now you can get Sensing Architecture articles as videos, podcasts, or as text transcripts! To access the latest publications as they become available simply Subscribe to the Sensing Architecture YouTube Channel or Subscribe to the Sensing Architecture Podcast on iTunes. And of course, you can still continue to get latest published articles by visiting the Sensing Architecture website.
  • 2) New Courses Being Released: You probably already know about the ArchiSensing Design Lab Course which was released in early 2012. This is a great course and students have already enrolled from all over the world! Well, in late 2012 another new course was released called the ArchThink MasterClass. This course focuses on how to strategize and design for responsive environments. It’s also a great course, and is one you won’t want to miss. And yes, the goal for 2013 is to release a third course — on a topic that I think you’ll love. For now, this course is top secret, but I’ll give you more details as its launch date approaches. So, stay tuned!
  • 3) New Offering — Certificate of Completion for All Courses: By popular demand, I am now working toward offering course Certificates of Completion, so you have something to show for all the effort you put into taking any one of the courses which I offer. This means that when you are finished taking the ArchiSensing or ArchThink Course, you would simply need to take an online test — which when you pass, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for having taken the course. I hope to have this Certification process in place for both courses in the beginning of 2013.
  • 4) More Great Design Insight Newsletters: Currently, there are over 6,800 subscribers who all receive great weekly newsletters straight into their email inbox. This newsletter has been such a success over previous years that in 2013, I look forward to continuing the Design Insight Newsletter tradition. If you are not yet a subscriber, now is a great time to join! Simply click here.

2013 Future Outlook

There is much more that I have in store for 2013! This new year is an exciting one — and I look forward to sharing all of Sensing Architecture’s milestones with you over the course of this next year.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for being such loyal fans of Sensing Architecture. All of your testimonial emails which you send me mean a lot! And I look forward to continue working to make Sensing Architecture a valuable resource!

Happy New Year 2013!

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